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 is a world where New Zealand people empower global development, creating local environments where people flourish
and their stories inspire change.

Toiora SOHK

Toiora SOHK

Founded in 2016, the School of Hard Knocks education course and Television series in New Zealand brings together multiple government and corporate organisations including ACC, NZ Rugby and NZ Police.

Toiora SOHK’s mission is to guide and support local rangatahi aged 16-24 with a no-fee, 20-week programme focused on improving the lives of young people through sports, education and cultural identity.

This year, Toiora NZ has partnered with EmployNZ,
who will provide the educational aspect of the SOHK programme.

Rangatahi will be assigned a Toiora NZ Rangatahi Coach to support them throughout their journey into self-discovery and employment.

Toiora Mindfit™

Toiora Mindfit (™). Mindfit is a holistic development model that we apply universally across our customer and coaching development resources.

The methodology is to work with the whole person rather than partial aspects with the aim of embedding better outcomes towards employment and life.

The curriculum and ideas are designed in a visually engaging style that provides concepts, practices, exercises and activities related to goal setting, planning, communication, what employers want, mindset, resilience and much more.

SOHK Mindfit
Toiora Trust-Social Housing

Toiora Trust-Social Housing

Toiora Trust-Social Housing. The Toiora Trust is developing 2 properties in Christchurch for Social Housing.

  • 433 Armagh St which is 6 x 1 bed units for Transitional Housing
  • 120 & 124 Sawyers Arms which is 18 x 1 and 2 bed units. These will be completed in 2021

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