Toiora NZ

Our Strategies

Create captivating, locally inspired content, ensuring every project & person has a relentless community focus

Create Awareness

Educate through the power of great content and ideas

Build the Best Human Intelligence

To support a shift from reactive to proactive solutions

Facilitate Wellness & Connection

By looking after our people, bringing local communities together

Sustainable & Scalable

Build a well-being system which maintains and grows organically

Social Presence

Know the pulse by building a Community Presence

Seek Greater Truth

We relentlessly test our assumptions

Believe you can, believe you can’t, you’re right.

Our Targets

10 Million

Digital Programs viewed by 2025


Highest course completion rate in NZ history by 2022


People redirected to a meaningful vocation and purpose as result of participation in programmes by 2030

$500 million

Financial impact of programs through sustainable change and transformation of people and communities by 2030

Toiora NZ

we believe anything is possible